Association for Social Training, Research and Advocacy – ASTRA is focused on science researches, advocacy, standards of social services and capacity building of government institutions and civil society.

Action for Mothers and Children – AMC is a humanitarian foundation developing health programs for mothers and children. The main goal of the organization is to save the lives of children and mothers by improving the quality of health services.

Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo is a local NGOs which builds activist lives for social change. They are engaged in community action for human rights and dignity, working in education, health, culture, citizenship, employment, and respect for diversity.

CHILDPROOF – CIPOF is a NGO founded in 2008 and operates in Kosovo. The activities of this organization focus on community development, with a focus on development in education, with a particular attention to preschool.

Education Comes First – ECF is a non-governmental organization which offers contemporary and creative programs in the field of education. The purpose of the organization is to help, develop and advance children and adolescents.

Association of Children Paraplegics and Paralysis in Kosovo – HandiKOS represents and supports people with disabilities through advocacy and lobbying. Provides various services and promotes equality for people with disabilities.

Initiative 6 is a local organization based in Prizren, focused on programs for the prevention, education and reintegration of children without discrimination, with a focus on Roma Ashkali and Egyptian communities.

Centre for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings – PVPT addresses the causes and consequences of violence through a multi-sectoral approach, by offering: social assistance to victims and potential victims of trafficking.

Network of Peace Movement – NOPM has as its main purpose the promotion of peace. It aims to achieve this goal by organizing activities that eliminate ethnic discrimination in order to create a tolerant and democratic environment in Kosovo.

Nevo Koncepti – NVK is an organization with experience in the field of formal and non-formal education. The mission of NVK is to improve the situation of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the field of education and other areas.

Akti is an NGO based in Fushë Kosova, which has in its focus the youth in Kosovo. Its mission is to contribute to the formation of a healthy youth through educational, health, sports, recreation, entertainment and cultural programs.

OPFAKKOS is an organization with focus on lobbying, advocacy and protection of the rights of children and persons with disabilities in Kosovo, through public awareness regarding the reintegration of children and persons with disabilities.

Organization for Children without Parental Care – OFAP is a humanitarian association, which aims to protect children without parental care in Kosovo. The mission of the organization is to provide a family and the needed love for every child without parental care.

Civil Rights Program in Kosovo – CRP/K provides free legal assistance and counseling for returnees, asylum seekers, displaced persons in Kosovo, persons at risk of statelessness and to persons who are considered to be vulnerable in realization of their civil rights.

PLAY International is a French NGO established since 2002 operating in Kosovo. Its purpose is to use sports and sports activities as a means of educating and empowering children, bringing together diverse communities through sport.

Public Organization for Local Initiatives and Supports – POLIS is a non-governmental organization that aims to improve good local governance through active civic participation, monitoring of institutions and the promotion of democratic values.

Kosova Education Center – KEC is a non-governmental that supports the advancement of the quality of education in Kosovo. KEC is mainly focused in training of school staff in relation to the new teaching methodologies and leadership.

Day Care Center – PEMA is a non-governmental organization which aims to support and assist the development and advancement of community-based social services for children with disabilities and children from other vulnerable categories.

FIT Center for Advanced Studies is an NGO found in December, 2011. FIT Center aims to raise awareness and education in areas that are very little affected in our society.

Kosovo Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims – KRCT is an independent organization, which aims to protect and promote the human rights and fundamental freedom of torture victims through psycho-social and medical rehabilitation.

SOS Kindergarten has started operating as a preschool institution that provides day care and preschool education for children aged 3-6 years. While in January 2016 SOS Kindergarten was registered as a local non-governmental organization.

“Labyrinth” Center deals with the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and the reduction of harm associated with injecting drugs.

Peer Educators Network – PEN is a non-governmental and non-profitable youth organization that aims to create a community where young men and women are empowered to act as agents of social change. PEN works all over Kosovo by being active in 36 municipalities in Kosovo.

Save the Children – SciK is based on direct interventions, establishing good practices and capacity building of civil society to respond to the needs of children. SCiK is committed to legislation and policies that include comprehensive practices.

SOS Children Villages in Kosovo – SOS is an organization of social care dedicated to support children without parental care and children in need, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity and religion.

Shpresa dhe Shtëpi për Fëmijët Kosovë – SDSF is a local non-governmental organization that provides shelter for children in need of protection (children without parental care, abused and mistreated children and children victims of trafficking (low risk).

Patients’ Rights Association Kosovo – PRAK is an independent non-profit and non-political association, which aims to promote and protect patients’ rights, as well as their harmonization with international patients’ rights.

Terre des homes – TDH is a Swiss foundation, which contributes through child protection program to strengthen the child protection system in Kosovo and strengthen capacities of state institutions working to protect child cases.

The Ideas Partnership is a non-governmental organization that aims to empower and support people in need, especially in the areas of education, health, welfare, environmental protection, by promoting volunteerism and philanthropy.

The non-governmental organization, Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians – VoRAE aims to improve the lives of these communities and support their integration into Kosovo society by advocating for their rights, living conditions and general situation.

Down Syndrome Kosovo is a non-governmental organization, with the mission of raising the dignity of individuals with Down Syndrome and their families, advocating and lobbying for rights and respect for these rights.

Autizmi is a non-profit NGO, which aims to treat people with autism, integrate and raise awareness in society.

Handikos Ferizaj has the main goal of supporting children with disabilities and their engagement in society, by providing community-based multidisciplinary services for children with disabilities.

Handikos Ferizaj has as its main goal the support of children with disabilities and their engagement in society, by providing community-based multidisciplinary services for children with disabilities.