KOMF kicked off workshops for the implementation of the Law on Child Protection

KOMF kicked off workshops for the implementation of the Law on Child Protection

KOMF and the Office for Good Governance in frame of the Office of the Prime Minister in Kosovo, conducted today the two-day workshop at the central level for the implementation of the Law on Child Protection.

The purpose of this workshop is to mobilize and strengthen the capacities of professionals responsible for the implementation of the Child Protection Law, enabling the provision of quality and sustainable services for children. Participants in the workshop were representatives from the Legal Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Information, the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers, the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court, the Kosovo Police, the Ombudsman Institution, the Independent Commission for Media and member organizations of KOMF that work at the national level. The workshop was led by the local expert, Ardian Klaiqi.

This workshop was made possible within the project “Strengthening social service workforce to provide continued quality social services for most vulnerable children and families in Kosovo”, supported by Unicef Kosovo Program in partnership with USAID Kosovo.

This is the first workshop carried out by KOMF, to continue further with 12 other two-day workshops at the local level, which are expected to cover the municipalities of Kosovo. These workshops aim to promote the Child Protection Law, which has been in force for two years, and to acquaint each professional with the responsibilities arising from the law, based on their institutional mandate. Through them, over 500 professionals will benefit over 500 professionals from various Municipal Directorates, Centers for Social Work, Schools, Family Medicine Centers, Police Stations, Courts, Prosecutor’s Offices and Non-Governmental Organizations.

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