KOMF and ZQM published the Implementation Program for the Child Protection Law

KOMF and ZQM published the Implementation Program for the Child Protection Law

KOMF has supported the Good Governance Office in drafting this program, which includes four modules and will be used by professionals for child protection to enhance capacity building. In addition, during the past year, KOMF and the Good Governance Officeof the Prime Minister, held 13 two-day workshops with all municipalities to inform professionals about the content of this Law.

The main modules that make up this program are: The Purpose, Scope, and Principles⚖️of the Law on the Protection of Children; Institutional Mechanisms, Roles, and Responsibilities for Child Protection; System and Measures for Child Protection; and Child Protection.

The overall aim of the program is to strengthen the capacities of professionals for child protection at the municipal and central levels to implement the Law on the Protection of Children, enabling the provision of quality and sustainable services. The modules and content are an educational asset that has been missing in the field of child protection, especially regarding the Law on the Protection of Children, which is the first of its kind in Kosovo. It brings many novelties and aspects that require additional attention and institutional coordination for its practical implementation.

During the ceremony for the launch of this program, representatives from the Kosovo Assembly, the Government of Kosovo, Municipal Directorates, Centers for Social Work, International Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, etc., participated.

The development of the LMF program and this event were made possible within the framework of the project ‘Strengthening Social Service Actors to Provide Quality and Sustainable Services for Vulnerable Children and Families in Kosovo,’ supported by UNICEF Kosovo Programme in partnership with USAID Kosovo.