KOMF demands mobilization for the protection of children’s health in the school year

KOMF demands mobilization for the protection of children’s health in the school year

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, MEST in cooperation with the Municipal Directorates of Education is making preparations for the new school year to start on time and with a physical presence in the school premises.

KOMF calls for mobilization, creation of infrastructural conditions based on the recommendations of NIPH, observance of measures and vaccination of all teachers, in order to protect the health of children in the school premises.

To protect the health of children, KOMF calls on:

  • Teachers to be vaccinated for the sake of maintaining general health, with special emphasis on children’s health;
  • MEDs, for the creation of infrastructural conditions, regular disinfection of schools and school equipment with disinfectants, as well as continuous and rigorous monitoring of the implementation of measures for the prevention of Covid-19;
  • To students and teachers, to implement measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by wearing masks, respecting physical distance and maintaining hygiene;
  • MEST for rigorous inspection of the implementation of measures;
  • MEST, municipalities and schools to focus on children’s mental health, engaging psychologists even temporarily in schools, in order to improve the mental health of children, but also teachers, aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Ensure that at least one psychologist is available for a school.
  • MEST in cooperation with MEDs, to ensure the smooth running of supplementary / supplementary education to ensure the improvement of the situation of children in learning, especially for children who have not attended distance education.
  • MEST and MoH together with the municipalities, to ensure the realization of regular health visits of children in schools.

KOMF requires comprehensive mobilization, creation of conditions and observance of measures by students and teachers, to maintain the health of children and to enable an effective school year.

Depending on the epidemiological situation, MEST and municipalities should apply the scenarios according to the recommendations of NIPH.

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