KOMF held the consultative meeting with Minister Murati and Minister Haxhiu

KOMF held the consultative meeting with Minister Murati and Minister Haxhiu

KOMF with the members of the Board from Terre des hommes – Kosovo and Down Syndrome Kosovo, participated in the consultation meeting with the Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers Hekuran Murati and the Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu, regarding the reorganization and reform of defense and social services in Kosovo.

Minister Murati informed KOMF that next year, social services will be transferred to the Ministry of Justice, while social policies will continue to remain in the Ministry of Finance. In this regard, KOMF expressed its concern about the separation of policies and social services, presenting concerns about the further fragmentation of the social protection system, the decline in the quality of service provision and the reduction of accountability. KOMF emphasized that during these last years all the work has been oriented towards the creation and strengthening of the integrated child protection system. KOMF believes that the child protection system is stronger when social policies, cash transfers and social services are integrated.

Minister Murati informed KOMF that by the end of this year the Draft Law on Social and Family Services as well as the Draft Law on Assessment, Recognition of Status, Benefits and Services for Persons with Disabilities will be proceeded to the government.

On the other hand, Minister Haxhiu informed KOMF that starting from next year a working group will be established which will develop a detailed analysis of the situation of social services, analysis which will then serve for the conception and development of the reform in the field of social protection. She further stated that KOMF will be among the key parties involved in this process, which will be developed in coordination with interest groups.

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