KOMF initiates the development of a strengthening program.

KOMF initiates the development of a strengthening program.

One of KOMF’s objectives within its strategic planning is to strengthen the Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection along with its member organizations, as a key actor in protecting children’s rights.

The continuous strengthening of the Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection and its member organizations, as key actors in protecting children’s rights, aims to continually build the capacity of KOMF and its members to ensure the sustainable development of the coalition in fulfilling its mission. For this purpose, one of KOMF’s actions will be the development of a “Capacity Building Program,” which will serve as a program for each member in need of capacity building through training. vazhdueshme. The capacity-building program package will include modules, tools, exercises, monitoring and evaluation instruments, and so on. for: Good governance and organization management; Fundraising; Development and implementation of internal policies and procedures for child protection; Advocacy, Communication, and Volunteering. In addition to the program and ongoing training, mentorship sessions in the form of “on-the-job training” are planned to be held with member organizations expressing a need in the aforementioned areas. Continuous strengthening through the aforementioned areas is essential and a prerequisite for sustainable functioning.

Another objective of KOMF is to strengthen the accountability of the child protection system through monitoring, advocacy, and mobilization of relevant actors, with the aim of closely monitoring the situation of children in Kosovo. In this manner, KOMF will continue to operate within the “watchdog” mandate, seeking accountability, attention, and investment in children, thereby contributing to strengthening the child protection system and promoting good governance within public institutions. Currently, KOMF is the only body monitoring the implementation of legislation in the field of child protection. In general, in Kosovo, there is a gap between the existing legislation and its implementation. Continuous monitoring is more than necessary to document the level and challenges in the implementation of legislation.

Furthermore, the findings from monitoring inform the advocacy initiatives and actions that KOMF undertakes towards decision-makers and other relevant actors to improve the situation of children in Kosovo. Specifically, KOMF will monitor the implementation of the Law on Child Protection for the year 2023, which encompasses the protection of children from all forms of abuse or any other form that endangers the child’s life, safety, health, education, and development.

These important interventions and actions by KOMF will be made possible through SMART Balkans’ grant scheme “National Intervention in Kosovo.”