KOMF: Keep children away from election activities

KOMF: Keep children away from election activities

9 February 2021

KOMF appeals to political entities that are part of the electoral campaign for the national elections, not to exploit children in the election campaign.

Involvement of children in the election campaign by political entities constitutes a violation of their rights, exploitation, and at the same time is not in the best interest of the child. Moreover, the involvement of children in election campaign activities during this period, poses a direct risk to their health due to the situation caused by the pandemic.

KOMF considers that the inclusion of children in the election campaign is contrary to applicable law.

KOMF calls on the Central Election Commission to monitor the activities of political entities and to take measures based on the legislation in force, in cases where the involvement and exploitation of children is ascertained.

KOMF calls on parents not to politicize their children, not to take their children to activities organized by political parties, and aware their children to not interrupt educational process for the purpose of participating in the activities of political parties during the election campaign.

KOMF calls on the media covering the election campaign to take an active role in publishing cases where children are exploited for partisan purposes during the election campaign, by always protecting the identity and integrity of the child.

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