KOMF: Spread of the dangerous game for children on TikTok, call for increased attention!

KOMF: Spread of the dangerous game for children on TikTok, call for increased attention!

The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF, which represents 34 non-governmental organizations, has followed with great concern the information published in the media about the spread of the dangerous game that is circulating on TikTok “Truth or Challenge”, which encourages self-harming behavior in children.

Until now, according to publications in two 9-year schools, about 20 students have been identified who participated in this game by damaging their arms with sharp tools. However, there is a possibility that this number is greater or that it will increase in the coming days, since the game is circulating online and is accessible on phones, which many children own.

We address all children, this is not a “game”. Playing this game physically harms you and can have long-lasting effects on your health. Get involved in games that help you grow strong and healthy and stay away from these scams.

KOMF calls on all children to report to their parents or teachers, if they have information that their friends are involved in this game. That’s the only way you can really help your friends!

KOMF calls on all parents to monitor their children during their stay on the Internet and to talk to the children about this “game”, the dangers and damages it brings.

KOMF calls on parents, teachers and mandated institutions to pay more attention and care to prevent new cases of children who can be manipulated by this game. Also, we ask to ensure intensive and continuous communication and coordination between the above-mentioned parties, so that every new case is referred in time to receive the necessary services and assistance.

KOMF also called on the institutions to strictly implement the Administrative Instruction (Grk) No. 04/2022 n Measures for the Protection of Children Against Websites with Pornographic Content and those that harm the health and life of the child, which derives from the Law on Child Protection.