KOMF with the aim to ensure the highest standards of professional behavior and personal practice to ensure no harm occurs in any situation to children and adolescents during their involvement in organisations activities, projects and programmes, presents the Model of Child Protection Policy, as a tool that enhances awareness and common understanding of abuse, and creates a system of prevention, response and protection of children from forms of abuse.

This model contains the necessary basic principles and framework of the Child Protection Policy, and is supported by clear guidelines on how it needs to be implemented by organisations. Special procedures and checklists are part of the Child Protection Policy, including reporting procedures and actions following behavior, which is not in compliance with the child protection standards.

KOMF encourages all non-governmental and governmental organizations, profit-making organizations working in the field of child protection, to draft and adopt the Child Protection Policy, based on the programs and specifics of the organization, to ensure a safe environment for child protection. In addition to drafting the Child Protection Policy, organizations are strongly recommended to increase capacities for implementation of the policy.

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