“Friends of Children” with awareness messages

“Friends of Children” with awareness messages

5 July 2019

After the approval of Law on Child Protection by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, personalities that are part of KOMF advocacy platform “Friends of Children”, came out with sensibilization messages with the aim of law implementation.

Rona Nishliu expressed extremely happy that the Draft Law on Child Protection was approved by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. “As a member of the “Friends of Children” platform”, I have been concerned about the protection of children from violence and I have been addressing that continually, calling for the protection of children from all forms of violence and abuse. The main purpose of the Law on Child Protection is to protect the child from all forms of physical and mental violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect, as well as any other form that endangers life, safety, health, education and child development. On the other hand, this law clearly sets out the responsibilities of parents, family, society and state for the child’s care, protection and development. “I call on everyone to mobilize for the implementation of the law in order to protect children.”

Eshref Durmishi, actor and producer, stated that “The Law on Child Protection ensures the right of children with disabilities to benefit from health, social, educational, and any other services as needed. According to this Law, institutions eliminate all infrastructure, social, environmental, institutional and legal barriers in the areas of education, employment and vocational education, health care, rehabilitation, cultural, entertainment and sports activities that children with disabilities enjoy their rights that are foreseen in this law.”

Shpat Deda said that the approval of the Law on Child Protection in the Assembly of Kosovo is a very important step toward completion of the legal framework for the protection of children in Kosovo. Deda said that the Law on Child Protection prohibits the involvement of children in activities that impair their safety, health, moral, physical and psychological development. Among other things, this law ensures that children involved in child labour receive medical and psychological assistance, rehabilitation and reintegration measures. As a member of KOMF Platform “Friends of Children”, I call you to join us in the implementation of this law and protect child rights! ” “Friends of Children” is an advocacy platform comprised of personalities with a successful professional career either in Kosovo or abroad, in various fields such as diplomacy, art, culture, sports etc, which aims to help raise awareness and promote child protection throughout Kosovo, raising the awareness of relevant institutions and the wider population, on the importance of child protection and long-term investment in children.

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