KOMF has held the General Assembly Meeting

KOMF has held the General Assembly Meeting

9 December 2020

KOMF has held the virtual meeting of the General Assembly. During the meeting, members discussed:

  • Achievements and challenges during 2020
  • Priorities and Action Plan for 2021
  • Review of the Regulation for KOMF members
  • Review of membership applications
  • Presentation of the recommendation of the KOMF Steering Committee regarding the membership criteria

Special focus was given to the presentation of the achievements and challenges within the work of the Thematic Group for Education, the Thematic Group for Social Protection and Child Protection and the Thematic Group for Health.

Despite the difficult working circumstances created as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, KOMF members throughout the year have been maximally committed to provide their best for the coalition. Their contribution to vulnerable groups of children during the pandemic has been immense.

Appreciation and gratitude to our members and professionals!

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