KOMF marks the International Day Against Child Labor

KOMF marks the International Day Against Child Labor

12 June 2021

On occasion of International Day Against Child Labor, through a Press Release, KOMF appealed for awareness towards parents, institutions and citizens, to protect children from hazardous labor.

KOMF highlighted the fact that children involved in hazardous forms of labor, are exposed to risks for their life, health, as well as other forms of violation of child rights; neglect, physical and psychological abuse, lack of access to school, sexual abuse and/or trafficking.

KOMF expresses concern for the fact that Kosovo currently lacks specific services provided by municipalities to address and protect children involved in hazardous labor, such as: day care centers, mobile teams and rehabilitation and reintegration services (social, educational and psychological support for children and their families).

KOMF reminded that since July 2020 the Law on Child Protection has entered into force, which aims protection of children from all forms of misuse, exploitation, or other forms that expose the child to risks related to health, life, etc. According to this law, each municipality must work to protect children from risks, including the risks that derive from child labor.

KOMF appealed to municipalities and government to undertake the necessary measures and implement the Law on Child Protection aiming to improve the situation of children involved in child labor.

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