KOMF: One year with the Child Protection Law; children demand reaction from deputies

KOMF: One year with the Child Protection Law; children demand reaction from deputies

16 July 2021

KOMF prepared a Press Release on occasion of the first year of entry into force of the Law on Child Protection which has been drafted for the first time in Kosovo. KOMF has highlighted that during this first year the necessary actions to guarantee the full and efficient implementation of this law, have not been undertaken.

KOMFhas disseminated to each of the Kosovo MPs, some letters written from children in need of social services, who expressed their needs and asked for the reaction of MPs toward the implementation of this law, in order to ensure a decent life for them.

This year has deteriorated the situation of children, due to Covid-19 pandemic, which above all has affected children, especially vulnerable children. Many of them have remained out of receiving the needed services and protection which is necessary for their development. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the number of children without parental care, increased rates of domestic violence and as a consequence increased the need for social services, for which it is necessary to ensure sustainable financing through the establishment of the Specific Grant for Social Services. Children with disabilities and children involved in hazardous labor, continue to be in a very bad situation.

KOMF has appealed toward all relevant institutions to react and immediately implement the Law on Child Protection. Such delays in the implementation of legislation that protects children, endanger the wellbeing and further deteriorate the situation of vulnerable children.

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