KOMF presents the installation “Children at School” at Skenderbe Square

KOMF presents the installation “Children at School” at Skenderbe Square

The installation was intended to symbolize the child’s right to education, where data and facts were presented about the damage that the interruption of education is causing to children.

320.000 children are restricted from the learning process, out of which 25.000 children are waiting to sit on the school benches for the first time!

Up to date: 17 missed school days!

Up to date: Around 12% of the curriculum plan, is not completed!

Some of the damages are listed below:

• Lack of learning process impairs children’s speaking skills.

• Lack of learning process the social isolation of children.

• Lack of learning process the possibility of dropping out the school.

• Lack of learning process increases the possibility of violence and abuse in the family, in the community and among peers.

• The lack of the learning process causes disruption of the children’s daily routine.

• The time children spend on the phone, television or video games increases by over 5 hours a day.

• Lack of learning creates metabolic disorders in children, physical inactivity, uncontrolled eating and obesity.

• The absence of the learning process weakens the integrity and authority of the school and teachers as an institution.

• The lack of the learning process increases the stress level for parents and increases family expenses.

• Lack of education endangers the financial stability of the family, increasing the possibility of parents losing their jobs.

• Lack of education increases the possibility of involving children in heavy forms of work, including street work.

• The lack of the learning process increases inequalities between children.

• The lack of education aggravates the situation of children with disabilities and creates a great regression in their development.

Given that the right to education is a fundamental right protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, KOMF considers that in the situation created, urgent action should be taken to return children to school. Disruption of the learning process is causing damage to children every day.

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