KOMF publishes the Model of Child Protection Policy

KOMF publishes the Model of Child Protection Policy

Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF, through press conference has published the “Model of Child Protection Policy”. The document was drafted within the KOMF Thematic Group on Education.

KOMF with the purpose of protecting children, creating a safe and friendly environment, to ensure the highest standards of professional conduct and practice, introduces the Child Protection Policy model as a tool that enhances common awareness and understanding on abuse, and establishes a system of prevention and protection for children from various forms of abuse.

Press conference was opened from Petrit Tahiri – Chair of the Thematic Group on Education, who highlighted that this model contains the basic principles and main framework of the Child Protection Policy, and is supported by guidelines on how should be implemented by organizations who work with children.

Child Protection Policy was presented from the members of Thematic Group on Education:

Remzije Krasniqi presented the section on prevention of abuse, highlighting the importance of awareness raising, risk assessment and the design of a safe program, safe recruitment process, training and education, code of conduct, and the importance of appointment the contact person responsible for the protection of children.

Muhamet Arifi presented the reporting procedures, highlighting that organizations should build a reporting system and respond to all reports of abuses, regardless the nature of the charges or referral.

Albulena Shabani, stated that organizations are recommended to regularly monitor the implementation of procedures and the implementation of the Child Protection Policy. In addition to the monitoring and overall assessment of the Child Protection Policy, there will also be a reactive monitoring (after incidents).

KOMF encourages all non-governmental and governmental organizations, as well as profit-making organizations who work in the field of child protection, to draft and adopt the Child Protection Policy, based on the programs and specifics of the organization, in order to guarantee a safe and protected environment for children. In addition to drafting the Child Protection Policy, organizations are strongly recommended to increase capacities for implementation of the policy.

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