KOMF submits proposed articles on Family Law and Draft Civil Code

KOMF submits proposed articles on Family Law and Draft Civil Code

After one year intensive work and the development of series of public consultations with relevant stakeholders, KOMF in partnership with UNICEF, SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo, Organization for Children without Parental Care – OFAP, ASTRA, Terre des hommes and Save the Children have addressed a document with proposed articles on Family Law and draft Civil Code on child protection to the Ministry of Justice.

The proposals affect the drafting and supplementing and amending of about 80 articles under the Family Law / Draft Civil Code. The submitted contribution is expected to advance legal provisions regarding the special forms of child protection, such as guardianship, adoption, foster care and residential care. Based on the practice of time, the need for new forms of protection is more than necessary. One of the new forms of special protection for children and young people is the Independent supervised living.

Participants involved in the consultations were representatives of civil society and representatives from all levels such as the legal offices of relevant institutions, representatives of the Office of the Prime Minister, representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Ombudsperson, Judges, Victims Advocates, representatives from the Municipal Institutions, UNICEF, etc.

These consultations have enabled the conduct of discussions between key stakeholders of the field and provided opportunities to give voice to the views of civil society, public institutions and interest groups, strengthen the recommendations regarding the further development of the legal framework on child protection.

The Ministry of Justice expressed the readiness to start meetings with KOMF during September 2018 to review and justify the draft articles on the Draft Civil Code.

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