KOMF through the Recommendation Policy for the Protection on Children’s Health, seeks to place children’s health at the center of priorities and actions within the Ministry of Health and Municipal Directorates of Health. The Recommendation Policy was drafted by the Thematic Group for Children’s Health, within KOMF.

Priority issues raised by this Recommendation Policy are: Breastfeeding, immunization and health services for children in primary care; Health services for children in secondary and tertiary care; Health services health for children that comes from communities; Protecting children from the abuse of narcotics, tobacco, alcohol and energy drinks; Protection of children’s mental health; Protection of children from air pollution; Supply of drugs and List of Essential Drugs; Law on Health Insurance; Integration of health, social and educational services and Purchase of health services from the non-governmental and private sector.

KOMF calls for immediate attention and intervention in the issues addressed in this policy, in order to protect the health of children and strongly recommends the Ministry of Health and the Municipal Directorates of Health to increase investment in the health sector, in order to implement reforms and policies in this sector, which affect the provision of quality services for children.

Click here to read the Recommendation Policy on Children’s Health.

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