What is the outcome of Kosovo’s efforts regarding children’s welfare for the year 2022? Report Card

What is the outcome of Kosovo’s efforts regarding children’s welfare for the year 2022? Report Card

What is the outcome of Kosovo’s efforts regarding children’s welfare for the year 2022?

KOMF, along with its member organizations, has initiated the process of monitoring the state of children and the implementation of the Law on Child Protection through the international tool known as the “Report Card”. This will be the first edition of KOMF’s annual monitoring report “Monitoring Card”

The primary objective of KOMF for this report is to conduct independent monitoring by civil society in the field of children’s rights on an annual basis, based on facts and evidence. The Report Card will provide data on the state of children’s rights, the level of implementation of the Law on Child Protection, and recommendations expected to support the improvement of policies and practices for the protection of children’s rights in Kosovo.

According to the methodology, the Report Card has co-authorship from a variety of professionals in different fields of children’s rights from KOMF member organizations.

The areas that will be monitored, and progress will be assessed for policies, legislation on the protection of children’s rights, and their implementation include: Participation of children, Child protection, Education, Child health, Protection of children from violence and Justice for minors.

he sub-areas will include: Child poverty and inclusion, Measures to strengthen the family and parental empowermen,t Care for children without parental care, Child labor and trafficking, Family violence, School and community violence, Infant mortality Immunization and breastfeeding, Hospital care for children, Fund for the treatment of children abroad, Substance abuse by children, Care for children during the prenatal and postnatal period, Parenting support and improving the quality of care, Early childhood education, Early childhood intervention, Inclusive education, Health and sexual education, Children in conflict with the law without criminal responsibility, Children in conflict with the law, their rights, programs, and services for them.

In pursuit of an even more transparent and impartial assessment, support has been sought from ministries, agencies, and municipalities in collecting data and information on the progress made and challenges in the areas and sub-areas for the year 2022.

This monitoring process will not only include the opinions of institutions, non-governmental organizations, experts, and specialists, but also the perspectives of children and young people. Children’s opinions and their personal experiences in the fields of social services, healthcare, education, and justice for minors will be included by participating in the survey “Report Card” : How do children evaluate care and services?”

This monitoring report will serve the Government, Ministries, Parliament, Municipalities, professionals, service providers, institutions, the non-governmental sector, parents, and the general public.

This monitoring process is made possible within the framework of the project “Empowering Social Service Actors to Provide Quality and Sustainable Services for Vulnerable Children and Families in Kosovo” and is supported by UNICEF in Kosovo in partnership with USAID Kosovo.