International Family Day!

International Family Day!

15 May 2020

Today is International Family Day, a day that offers an opportunity to promote and raise awareness of the importance of a healthy family.

Today more than ever, in this difficult period of pandemic, the family is playing a crucial role in the wellbeing of children and its family members. Calls are continuing from institutions to stay home, as a preventive measure against the virus, so KOMF calls to take advantage of this time and to spend healthy moments within the family.

KOMF condemns the increase in domestic violence which has been identified throughout the region, including Kosovo. The extended lockdown period and severe living conditions are leading to increased domestic violence. KOMF calls for the reporting of cases of domestic violence and the taking of measures by institutions for rehabilitation and ensuring the welfare of victims and the punishment of perpetrators.

Today, the International Family Day, KOMF dedicates to foster families, SOS mothers and shelters for child protection that are providing foster, care, warm family environment and 24 hour services for abandoned children, children without parental care, victims of abuse, victims of domestic violence and children victims of trafficking. Throughout this period of pandemic, families and service providers have continued to provide services with full capacity 24 hours a day, welcoming new cases in need by exposing themselves directly to the risk of infection.

KOMF appreciates their contribution in providing all the care, love and hard work to fulfill the needs of children. Happy International Family Day!

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