KOMF and ÇOHU demand accountability for the actions of prosecution

KOMF and ÇOHU demand accountability for the actions of prosecution

19 July 2019

Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF and Organization for Democracy, Anti-Corruption and Dignity, ÇOHU, have sent an official request to the Kosovo Prosecutor Council requesting investigation and accountability for prosecution actions regarding the case of child K.V from Fushe Kosova.

After the publication of the tragic death of the child in the Municipality of Fushe Kosove, KOMF sent an official request to the Prosecution Office to see what was the institutional response and actions for this case. The prosecutor office has emphasized that it is in the investigation phase and because of the sensitivity of the case can not provide more information.

According to media reports, the prosecutor has not proposed a pre-detention measure for this case, which beside preventing the abuse of the child, also would had help in solving the case. The prosecutor had not requested forensic examination for the child, despite reports and suspicions of sexual abuse with the child K.V. Further, the suspected person had been released on a regular procedure.

Based on the above facts, KOMF and ÇOHU have requested from the Kosovo Prosecutor Council to determine whether the prosecutor has fulfilled its professional responsibility based on the legal and ethical provisions, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct for Prosecutors.

In accordance with the legal and ethical provisions of the prosecutor authorities, KOMF and ÇOHU requested from the Prosecutor Council to conduct an investigation procedure against prosecutors to identify whether there were any professional and ethical mistakes in the case of the child K. V and impose necessary measures, if they are verified.

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