KOMF and KRAEEYN publish the Recommendation Policy on Early Childhood Development

KOMF and KRAEEYN publish the Recommendation Policy on Early Childhood Development

2 March 2020

Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF in partnership with KRAEEYN network, through a conference has published “Recommendation Policy for Early Childhood Development”.

The panel was consisted by: Donjeta Kelmendi from KOMF, Xhavit Rexhaj – Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Hana Zylfiu – Haziri from Kosovo Education Center – KEC and Remzije Krasniqi from SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo.

Donjeta Kelmendi from KOMF emphasized that this recommendation policy describes the situation regarding early childhood development and provides an overview of some of the priority areas for intervention. Given that MESTI is the leading ministry for the development of policies and strategies for early childhood development, this policy was addressed to MEST but also to other co-responsible sectors such as the health and social welfare sector.

Deputy Minister Xhavit Rexhaj stated that MESTI welcomes the recommendations of the recommendation policy, especially considering the priority for the integration of early childhood services between the sectors of education, health and social welfare. The Deputy Minister emphasized that unused school spaces have been identified, which MESTI is considering to use for the provision of early childhood services.

Hana Zylfiu – Haziri from KEC and Remzije Krasniqi from SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo presented the recommendation policy focusing on priority areas for early childhood development intervention.

Overall recommendations:

  • Drafting of the strategy for early childhood development including areas of education, health and welfare that will provide framework for integrated services;
  • – Finalization of the core curriculum for ages 0 – 5; – Removal of the age group 5 – 6 from the school curriculum, level I and inclusion in the preschool curriculum;
  • – Strengthen the mechanisms for the protection of children in early childhood development;
  • – Increase the number of preschool institutions, promote public-private partnerships;
  • – Development of alternative programs for early childhood development;
  • – Adjust legislation for the development of integrated and alternative services for ECD, integration of education, social and health services;
  • – Increase the quality of pre-primary services, increase the quality of working tools and textbooks, infrastructure;
  • – Supplement the standards for preschool education in order to include 0 – 6 age;
  • – Functionalize of professional services including profiles: speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist, pediatrician, nutritionist, support assistants;
  • – Improve the inspection of the quality early childhood services;

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