KOMF held the annual awards ceremony 2023

KOMF held the annual awards ceremony 2023

KOMF held the annual awards ceremony for journalists in the field of child protection and annual acknowledgments “Children’s Friend” for contributors in the field of child protection in Kosovo.

This year, KOMF awarded three annual prizes in the field of journalism in defense of children and six annual acknowledgments with the title “Children’s Friend” for individuals or entities that have contributed to the protection of children.

The Evaluation Panel for journalistic writings, composed of Evliana Berani – journalist, Luljeta Prekazi – psychologist, and Imer A. Mushkolaj – journalist, selected three journalists to be honored with the 2023 annual award in the field of journalism, as follows:

• Laura Çelaj, T7, for covering the multidimensional aspects of bullying in schools and the consequences it leaves on both children and society in general.

• Faton Polisi, Koha.net KTV, for the article and television story that highlights the involvement of young people in sports activities through the “Lisnjaja” Boxing Club, aiming to steer them away from the wrong path and its potential consequences.

• Adelinë Ahmeti, Kallxo.com, for the investigation published in a series of articles about a 14-year-old girl sexually assaulted in one of the schools in Podujevo.

➡ Meanwhile, the Nominations Panel for “Children’s Friend,” composed of Blerta Perolli Shehu – University of Prishtina, Agon Ahmeti – ETEA, and Igballe Rrahmani – Ombudsman’s Institution, has evaluated and awarded six annual acknowledgments “Children’s Friend 2023” to six personalities who, throughout 2023, have offered support and contribution to the protection and well-being of vulnerable children:

• Nuran Boshnjaku receives the annual acknowledgment “Children’s Friend 2023” as a retired SOS mother for her work in SOS Children’s Villages Kosovo, where she has cared for 16 children with love, dedication, and care from the moment they were placed in shelter until their full independence in adulthood.

• The foster family of Arlinda and Arsim Makustaj from the Municipality of Istog receives the annual acknowledgment “Children’s Friend 2023” for sheltering 15 children of various age groups, backgrounds, and children with disabilities.

• Millennium Third School receives the annual acknowledgment “Children’s Friend 2023” for the continuous engagement of students in creating and implementing humanitarian activities that have resulted in the assistance provided to families in socially difficult situations, especially children with disabilities.

• Alexander Chapman Recruitment Corporation receives the annual acknowledgment “Children’s Friend 2023” for its direct contribution to the well-being and protection of parentless children under the care of SOS Children’s Villages Kosovo. This company has donated 50,000.00 Euros, dedicated to the well-being of 40 parentless children.

• NLB Banka sh.a. Prishtina received the annual acknowledgment “Children’s Friend 2023” for supporting several NGOs with a total value of 100,000 Euros. Additionally, NLB Banka has mobilized and encouraged the rest of the community to engage in joint projects to improve living and health conditions.

• Dr. Agron Abrashi receives the annual acknowledgment “Children’s Friend 2023,” a former board member of the organization “Action for Mothers and Children” and a philanthropist, for his commitment to supporting the cause of maternal and child health. In 2023, Dr. Abrashi donated 10,000€, a significant contribution to the Action for Mothers and Children mission.

KOMF thanks all the winners, journalists, Friends of Children, individuals, corporations, partners, and collaborators, who constantly and unsparingly prove their will and commitment in support of the community and above all of children, towards the joint noble mission of protecting children and their rights.

This event was made possible through the project “Empowering Social Service Actors to Provide Quality and Sustainable Services for Vulnerable Children and Families in Kosovo,” supported by Unicef Kosovo Programme in partnership with supported by Unicef Kosovo Program in partnership with USAID Kosovo. and through the program of the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation KCSF ‘EJA Kosovo’ program, co-funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Sweden and the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg .